In an article from Zero Hedge:

“… Unless, or course, central banks finally are starting to shift their policy, realizing that they may have lost controlto the upside since algos no longer care about warnings that “volatility is too low”, knowing full well the same Fed will come and bail them out on even the tiniest downtick. Which begs the question: is a big Fed-mandated shakeout coming? Could the coming FOMC announcement be just the right time and place for the Fed to surprise the market out of its “complacency” and whip out an unexpected hawk out of its sleeve?” 

ES futures are currently at 1940.75 -9.75 (-0.5%)

Look for the market to open lower today. We've had a good run up so a little profit taking would be normal here.

If the Fed is going to start a shakeout, maybe this chart from is the future. Keep your downside protected! The next FOMC meeting announcement will be next week on Wednesday, June 18th at 2:00pm ET.

2014-06-11 SPX Forecast Image

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