Trade Alert Services

Trade Alert Services for Traders

  • A14 Trade AlertsFollow Amy Meissner's A14 trades in real time. Amy is averaging about +5% return on margin each week. (see her performance here). Trades are 14 DTE or less with many trades being closed after a few days.
    NOTE: The A14 trade alerts are ONLY available to customers of either the original A14 workshop or the
    2023 A14 workshop!
  • Boxcar Trade Alerts – 0-7 day trades. Trading Dan Harvey's Boxcar Trade, which is a hedged Put spread. Tom Nunamaker will also trade 0 DTE trades if big economic events are happening in the near future. Includes the SPX 0 DTE Trading Room.
  • Enigma Trade Alerts – Day trading ES (or MES) futures. Luc Van Hof is a former Morgan Stanley floor trader and provides swing trades for ES/MES futures. Luc normally has 3-5 trades per week.
  • Schwable Trade Alerts – Bullish swing option trades. The Schwalbe has two trades per month that extend for three months. The opening Schwalbe trades are placed in the last 30-minutes before the U.S. cash market closes.
  • SPX 0 DTE Trading Room – Intraday trading SPX options. Includes Tom Nunamaker's Day Trading Excel spreadsheets which work with thinkorswim. Daily zoom meetings start at 9:15 am Eastern and run normally 90-180 minutes. Includes the Boxcar Trade Alert service.

Trade Alert Services for Investors

  • AWAKE Strategy – An addon to the Sleep Well Portfolio with more aggressive algorithms for higher returns and slightly higher draw downs. The AWAKE Strategy is also a long-only ETF based strategy.
  • Sleep Well Portfolio – Long-only ETF strategy that is rebalanced once per week. Draw downs are typically only 1/3rd of the U.S. equity market with similar yields so you can “sleep well.”

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