Start Your Own Trade Alert Service

Are you a successful trader and would like to have your own trade alert service?

Let Aeromir take care of the infrastructure, billing, and customer support while you just run your trade alert service!

The revenue split we use per service is:

  • 50% of net sales revenue to you for the first 25 customer sales per month
  • 60% of net sales revenue to you for the next 25 customer sales per month
  • 70% of net sales revenue to you for customer sales per month over 50

Net sales are the gross sales less all fees such as transaction processing (3.84%), discounts, and affiliate/partner fees.

What Aeromir takes care of

Aeromir has a robust infrastructure designed to handle most trade alert services. We like to see several months of live trading with any system. Backtested results can be added to your track record, but we require at least several months of live trading.

Aeromir takes care of:

  • Billing – Including refunds, credits, discounts, special offers and more
  • Customer support – You have to answer questions from your customers about your trade alerts. Aeromir takes care of the other customer support, so you don't have to. This includes issues with billing, website, and trade notifications.
  • Sending trade notifications to your customers – We send your trades via email, SMS text message and private Slack channels.
  • Private forums for your subscribers – We provide a private discussion forum for you to interface with your customers.
  • Control access based on subscriptions – We manage access to your protected content based on subscriber payments. This includes access to your trade alert member page, private forums, and your private Slack channels.
  • Administration back end – See your orders, subscribers, edit your welcome page, send trade messages, send emails and more

What Do You Have To Do?

While each expert is different, there are some things that customers like to have.

  • Create trades and send your trade messages
    • Send a message with your working order
    • Then transmit any live trades to your broker (this avoid front running)
    • After you are filled, send a trade message with your fill
    • If you are using stop or any GTC order, send those messages to your subscribers
  • Take screenshots of your trades and upload them daily or several times per week. This is more important with complex options trades
  • Create planning notes. This is normally done daily. These appear on the member home page and the top of the class page. These are your thoughts about your open positions and what you will do if the market moves up or down. Experts also use these notes to let subscribers know what their planned trades are.
  • Have periodic videos or online meetings. Most experts have a weekly review meeting. It is either recorded solo and uploaded or it can be a live meeting with that is recorded and posted in the library.
  • Answer any subscriber questions. These appear in your administration page.

Promoting Your Trade Alert Service

There are a few things you can do to promote your trade alert service:

  • Visit Trading Group 1 regularly. I recommend at least monthly. Show your current trades and answer questions.
  • Do a Round Table presentation. This gets wider exposure and gets shared on YouTube. I recommend one or two per year.
  • Write articles for the blog. This helps get your name and trade indexed by Google and establishes you as an expert.
  • Be a guest speaker at events like the Raleigh-Durham Options Trading Meetup.

Getting Started

To get started, send an email to with the following information:

  • Your contact information
  • Your proposed trade alert service
    • Name
    • Trade description
      • Type of strategy – Options, futures, forex?
      • Time frame – Intraday, swing trading or longer?
      • Have you been trading it live? For how long?
      • Do you have any backtesting data?
    • Trade performance (live and backtesting)
      • Win percentage
      • Maximum drawdown
      • Margin required per trade
      • Account size required
      • Do you have any overlapping positions?
    • Proposed pricing (you set the price of your service)