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How It Works

Join a Trading Group

We have several trading groups that meet two to four times per month. These are some of our popular trading groups:

  • Trading Group 1

    Tom Nunamaker focuses mostly on non-directional options trades but the group talks about the markets and other types of trading such as futures.

  • Trading Group 7

    Himanshu Raval focuses non-directional options trades and especially calendar spreads.

  • Technical Analysis Trading Group

    Run by an experienced Chartered Market Technician (CMT). This group focuses on applying technical analysis used in trading.

  • Options 101 Trading Group

    Tom Nunamaker teaches classes to help improve your trading knowledge and learn new trade ideas.

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Join a Forum Discussion

There are several discussion forums you can browse and participate in. We have over 1,300 members who discuss anything related to trading, and sometimes just for fun.

If you have trading questions, the forums are a great place to ask your question. You'll normally have responses in a matter or minutes or hours.

The forums are searchable so you can find questions and answers other traders have discussed in the past.

Watch a Live Presentation

We have weekly guest speakers who present new and updated trading ideas, concepts, products and services.

We post the Round Table recordings on our YouTube channel and on our Twitter page.

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Use the library
Our library extends back several years and has over 1,000 recordings.

Free members have streaming access to the last seven days of public recordings.

Gold members have full access to all public library recordings, including the ability to download M4A audio files, MP4 video files, chat transcripts and any PDF files or other files the presenter has made available.

Use Our Trading Tools
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Learn From Experienced Traders
We have several trade alert services and mentoring programs to accelerate your learning or improve on what you're already doing.

  • One-on-one mentoring

    Improve your trading the fastest way with individual lessons customized for you.

  • Boxcar trade alerts

    Tom Nunamaker trades 0-10 day trades based on Dan Harvey's Boxcar trade. (Includes the SPX 0 DTE Trade Alerts)

  • Schwalbe trade alerts>

    The Schwalbe has virtually no tail risk with good historical results. The Schwalbe has been “sleeping” as the market has fallen.

  • Sleep Well Portfolio

    Wayne Klump's long-only ETF service for investors. The Sleep Well Portfolio has an average 67% less draw downs than the equity markets with similar yields.

  • SPX 0 DTE trade alerts

    Tom Nunamaker and Tom Henley run a daily live trading room where they take option trades that expire the same day. (Includes the Boxcar Trade Alerts)

See our trade alert performance

NOTE:Past performance does not necessarily predict future results.

Improve your trading today with our community of experienced traders

Who Uses Aeromir?

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…love us because of the Sleep Well Portfolio and AWAKE add-on.

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…love us because they can learn from more experienced traders and have access to tools to help them succeed.
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…love us because they can discuss market changes with each other and access tools and weekly guest speakers to stay current.
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…love us because they get new trading ideas and interact with other experienced traders to improve their results.