Resources and Tools

Gold Membership

  • Gold Membership – Gold members can access the full public library, including download all file attachments such as audio, video, chat, presentation slides etc. Free community members can only access public recordings for the most recent week.

Resources for Traders

  • Aeromir blog – Trading articles, announcements and more.
  • Online Events – Events happening this week at Aeromir
  • Aeromir Forums – Discussion forums for all things related to primarily option trading.
  • Glossary – Trading and investing glossary with hundreds of defined terms and acronyms.
  • Shortcut URLS – A collection of Aeromir shortcuts to help you quickly get to websites that are important to traders.

Popular Trading Tools

Discounts for Traders

  • OptionNET Explorer – OptionNET Explorer is the only option analytics tool with a manual backtester. If you want to do any manual backtesting, this is really your only choice. Many of our community members use OptionNET Explorer (ONE).
  • CMLViz Trademachine – Fantastic back testing tool that keeps getting better and better.
  • Financial Juice – Get LIFETIME access to Financial Juice. We use this every day to see what economics events, FED speakers etc are happening. Particularly useful is the Market on Close (MOC) in the last 30-minutes of the cash market trading.
  • Option Trader's Assistant – Newcomer to the option analytics software space. OTA is not the cheapest solution but offers a really good interface. You can send orders directly to thinkorswim from the platform. The main drawback is there is no back testing.
  • Option Omega – Automated back testing solution that is getting more popular
  • Stratagem Trading – Use the promo code for a 10% discount on all products except Practical Options Tactics (POT)
  • TradingView – Tom uses trading view daily. It's particularly nice to have the app on the iPad to check the market when you are away from your computer.

Fun Stuff

  • Making Pizza – Tom started his pizza journey in 2020 and has perfected his ideal pizza. These are the books, tools and process he uses to make the perfect pizza at home.
  • Pizza Dough Recipe – This is a javascript calculator Tom built to help him get the exact quantities needed to make a pizza.
  • Solving a Rubik Cube – Tom solved a Rubik cube in high school in the 70s but it took him a month. Robbie Bonzalez from WIRED magazine walks through the steps to solve a Rubik cube the modern way. Tom can now solve a cube in about a minute or so.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator – Maintaining a healthy body weight is important. This calculator tells you how you're doing and shows you your target weights.