Individual Options Mentoring

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Learn options trading with Individual Options Mentoring

At Aeromir Corporation, we believe you need a mentor who is currently trading and the tools you need to apply what you are learning. Our mentoring program is not a cookie cutter program where one size fits all. We tailor our mentoring sessions to your background, experience and your objectives. What do YOU want to learn?

If you are a beginner, we will teach you at your level. If you're a full time trader already, have the expertise to help you improve your trading results.

Your first session will include time to discuss your situation and goals and to assess where your option trading skills are. We'll create a plan together of what you want to achieve.

All sessions are private and recorded only for you. Your mentor will give you homework and have notes for each lesson. Your consolidated mentoring web page will have links to all of your recorded sessions, notes and information about your next mentoring session.

NOTE: Mentoring sessions expires after one year unless you coordinate for an exception. Recorded mentoring sessions are available indefinitely.

Here's What You Get

  • 12 one-on-one mentoring sessions. Each session is about 50 minutes long but can go longer. The plan is to complete these within six months but you have up to one year to complete them.
  • Unlimited email access to your mentor for one year to get your questions answered. If you have any questions about a trade, adjustment or trading in general, just email your mentor.
  • Access to the Boxcar and SPX 0 DTE Trade Alerts services for three months. This gives you the opportunity to follow Tom Nunamaker as he trades SPX weekly options in real time. (A value of $355)
  • Access to one of our expert's trade alert signal services for six months. This gives you the opportunity to follow an experience trader as they trade. (A value of up to $900) – Platinum program exclusive
  • Reverse Harvey Training. This class covers the Reverse Harvey adjustment. You must know this if you trade any options spreads! (A value of $29)
  • Trade Probability Training. This class covers how options traders use probability. You must know this if you trade any options spreads! (A value of $29)
  • An annual Gold membership. You can download all of the recordings and attachments in our library, have access to our private member forums. (A value of $300)
  • Live trading groups. This is part of our free community but you'll get more out of it as you go through your mentoring as it's another place to ask experienced traders questions.
  • All of your mentoring sessions are recorded. We add your recordings to our Library but only you can see them. They are always there for you to review.
  • Consolidated mentoring web page. All of your mentoring recordings are on one page, including the notes for each session. You can see when your next meeting is and cancel/reschedule online if you need to. You always know how many sessions you have completed, how many you have remaining and when your mentoring sessions expire.

Is This Program Right For You?

This is NOT a get rich quick program!

The only promise we have is that you will have to work. Plan on at least six to twelve months of paper trading and live trading to get to break even. Once you are not losing money, you can slowly start scaling your trading size up.

Trading is like Other Professions

Your doctor, attorney or pilot all started by hitting the books and then getting instruction from a current and qualified professional to teach them their trade. That's how I learned to fly Air Force jets. It is no different with option trading. It's a complicated skill set that needs a good amount of understanding before you start trading live.

You can learn options trading with the school of hard knocks, but that takes a long time and normally a lot of capital and stress. Having an experienced options trader guide you as you learn is the most effective path to becoming a profitable options trader.

Don't Need Twelve Sessions?

You can purchase mentoring sessions by themselves if you just want a quick tune up of your trading strategy or to ask our mentors your questions. These mentoring sessions do NOT include anything else unless noted.

Your Investment Is Protected

If you purchase individual mentoring sessions, you can upgrade to the full mentoring by paying the difference.