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Wayne Klump

Trader and Educator

Who is Wayne?

Wayne is widely recognized for his ingenious mind and his creation of “The Sleep Well Portfolio.” His resolute vision is to make institutional-grade portfolio construction and strategies accessible to everyday investors. He wants to break free from traditional constraints and empower individuals to take control of their finances.

Wayne's personal journey is a true testament to his grit and ambition. He grew up in middle-class America and worked long hours as an automotive technician to put himself through college. Despite his relentless work ethic, he found himself drowning in debt after graduation.

However, these challenges only fueled Wayne's determination to create a brighter financial future. With his modest savings, he entered the intricate world of financial markets. Despite the obstacles, Wayne's trajectory soared and he eventually landed a crucial role at a hedge fund. There, he crafted options strategies and curated portfolios for affluent clientele.

It was during this time that Wayne developed his distinctive approach to portfolio construction. This paved the way for his groundbreaking creations such as “The Sleep Well Portfolio and ” A.W.A.K.E.”

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Wayne's Services

Sleep Well Portfolio

Long-only ETF strategy that is rebalanced once per week. Draw downs are typically only 1/3rd of the U.S. equity market with similar yields so you can “sleep well.”


A long-only ETF Sleep Well Portfolio addon with more aggressive algorithms for higher returns and slightly higher draw downs.