The A14 Weekly Option Strategy Workshop
A weekly trade to grow your account quickly
What is the A14 Weekly Option Strategy?
The A14 Weekly Option Strategy is a short term, high probability market neutral options strategy. It is suitable for small or large account and has simple entry and adjustment rules.

Amy Introduced the A14 Weekly Option Strategy Workshop
on the Round Table on December 1, 2021

About Amy Meissner
Amy began exploring options trading while still working in the software and multimedia industries in the mid-1990�s, trading credit spreads in the SPX. It was hit or miss back then, but wanting to learn more and get serious about making a living trading options, Amy felt encouraged to come back and give the options initiative another look in 2005. After garnering a steady earnings stream and making continuous efforts to improve the quality of her trading strategies, she made options trading her full time occupation in 2006. Along the way she found some good mentors who gave her the confidence to refine proven methodologies and make them uniquely her own.
Amy's specialty is options trading for monthly income using high probability option strategies. She is an active member in the options trading world, and is a sought-after webinar leader. Within the professional options trading community, Amy is known as a stable, disciplined trader who calmly manages her risk throughout the life of the trade even in volatile market conditions. She will tweak her approach slightly from time to time, making small adjustments here and there as the market moves and changes, but consistency is her distinguishing virtue. Amy�s steady confidence and sound methodology have rewarded her with steady returns, year after year.

Amy Meissner Image

Amy Meissner

How Were Amy's Live Trading Results?

In a word… Outstanding

Amy started with a $32,447.49 account in September 2020.

In the 15-month period that followed, she deposited another $29,661.02 for a total cash outlay of $62,108.51.

What happened with Amy's account?

Something extraordinary

Amy's account today is $204,545.76!

The net profit was $142,437.30 including all fees! That is a 229.336% profit.

Remember that a 100% profit doubles an account.


We've been watching trading systems for a long time. This is the highest yielding market neutral options performance we've seen!

This is the type of results directional traders hope for!

The A14 Weekly Option Strategy Was Born!
Amy analyzed her live trades and created a set of rules in order to be capable of getting the same results of her live trading.

The A14 Weekly Option Strategy was the end result.

A14 Weekly Option Strategy Advantages
  • No need to pick direction. Don't have to be a technical analysis guru.
  • Single order at entry. No need to multiple legs.
  • No need to sit in front of the computer during trading hours.
  • Adjustments are simple and only need to be checked once a day.
  • Adjustment tactics can be used with other strategies.

A14 Weekly Option Strategy Overview

  • Planned Capital is $5,000 to $8,000 for a two-lot trade.
  • Minimum account is $10,000 to trade a two-lot.
  • Profit target is +5% or more. Amy averaged +6.5% per trade
  • Losses average ~6% and generally under -10%.
  • Win/Loss Expectancy was 9:1.
Jan 2021 to Nov 2021 Trading Statistics
A14 Jan-Nov 2021 Trading Performance Image

What You'll Get

  • Core concepts of the A14 Weekly BWB tactics used.
  • Rules and Guidelines for the A14 Weekly BWB strategy (including: Entry, Adjustments, and Exit).
  • Several step-by-step examples of the A14 in Up, Down, and Choppy markets.
  • Additional Adjustment options that can be used.
  • Using the A14 Adjustment strategy for the Boxcar.
  • Workshop classes had several Q&A sessions.
  • All classes were recorded and available for playback.

Workshops Are For Educational Purposes Only

The purpose of the A14 Weekly Option Strategy Workshop is to provide information how Amy trades.
The workshop is intended to show you examples for you get ideas for your own trades.

You are responsible for your trades.

A14 Weekly Options Strategy Workshop

This is a recorded workshop. When you sign up, you get:

  • Core concepts of the A14 Weekly Options Strategy
  • Rules and guidelines for the A14 Weekly Options Strategy (including entry, adjustment and exit)
  • Several step-by-step examples of the A14 in up, down and choppy markets
  • Additional adjustment options that can be used
  • Using the A14 adjustment strategy for the Boxcar Trade
  • Dedicated discussion forum
  • All classes are available for playback
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