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Luc Van Hof

Trader and Educator

Who is Luc?

Luc specializes in quantitative investment strategies using a broad range of assets: from equity and fixed income over alternatives to forex. In investment management his focus is on systematic risk-driven strategies, including next generation risk-based asset allocation and tactical trading as well as on volatility strategies and customized tail risk management with listed options.

Luc is actively involved in research in quantitative finance, designing systematic (rule-based) investment strategies. Luc's favorite trading instruments are equity index options as they allow the greatest flexibility and versatility when creating trading strategies. Not only has he been using them intensely for more than 25 years as a trader and hedge fund manager but he also has been teaching the “art and science” of options trading to finance students as well as to market professionals for over 20 years.

Luc studied finance, econometrics and operational research at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and worked for the Treasury of the European Commission and for several investment banks in London. In 1990 he established Analytic Investment Management (A.I.M.), one of the first quant investment firms in Europe, which was later acquired by Robeco/RaboBank. In 2010 Luc founded Capital Hedge, a research and consulting firm for institutional investors.
Specialties: Quantitative Investment Strategist, Derivatives Strategist, Portfolio Manager.

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