Scott Ruble (aka J.L. Lord) is starting a miniature version of his Practical Options Tactics, or POT class at next week.

What is POT?

POT is Scott's flagship product at that teaches options traders:

  • How Scott trades with real-time trade messages
  • 3-6 Emails per day discussing Scott's views on the current market and how he is planning to trade it
  • 50 Weekly education webinars (ever Wed) per year

Scott's paper money account is up about +90% for the year already and we're not even to the mid-point.


Scott and I wanted to offer Scott's trades at a lower price point so Scott created Mini-POT, which is nearly identical to the full POT class but with only one educational webinar per month plus an added Live Q&A webinar per month.

The trades are the same. The emails are the same.

Mini-POT subscribers won't have the same level of personal help from Scott but it's half the price of the full POT class.

Scott showed his background, his trading philosophy and ran through an example trade before answering questions about Mini-POT. Watch the replay here:

Click the button below to join the new Mini-POT trial, which is planned to last one month.

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