Ophir Gottlieb, CEO of Capital Market Laboratories, is speaking next week about their TradeMachine.

I looked at the TradeMachine several years ago while it was relatively new. In the past several years, it has matured into a very powerful back trading and alerting system.

So powerful in fact that banks and hedge funds now use it.

Who is Ophir Gottlieb?

Ophir Gottlieb is a former options market maker on the NYSE ARCA and CBOE exchange floors and a former Hedge Fund manager. He was recently invited to speak at the CFA Institute's annual conference in the United Kingdom about AI and his practical application to finding alpha.

Ophir is coming to Aeromir on Thursday 18 July 2019 at 11:00am Eastern to show us his TradeMachine and how he uses it.

What is the CMLViz TradeMachine?

If you haven't heard of the CMLViz TradeMachine, Ophir had two demonstrations recently. One is nearly two hours long and was very comprehensive. The second was an eight-minute quick walkthrough. Here are links to those demonstrations:

105-minute video walkthrough of the CMLViz TradeMachine, which included setting up alerts for many backtested trades

8-minute video of Ohpir Gottlieb walking through the CMLViz TradeMachine.

The CMLViz TradeMachine identifies patterns that have persisted for as much as 15-years, including through the Great Recession, and applies those patterns to option trading.

Here is an example of a simple covered call strategy. I used the S&P 500 as the universe of stocks to search and sorted the results by the total Backtest return. The test was the last three-years and selling a 30 Delta call, 30-days before options expiration.

The grey line on the chart below is the S&P 500 hypthetical baseline returns.


These results were generating in 10-15 seconds! Try doing that in OptionVue or OptionNET Explorer!

Watch the Webinar Replay

Ophir demonstrated exactly how CMLViz TradeMachine works, including getting email and SMS text alerts. Ophir answered many questions about the CMLViz TradeMachine.

The replay is on our YouTube channel. You may wish to subscribe to it as it's free and you'll be notified when we upload new content like this webinar replay.

Ready to Get the TradeMachine Now?

The CMLViz TradeMachine is discounted for the Aeromir community (Thanks Ophir)! To save 45% from the regular price, please visit this special Aeromir community link.

Once you lock in your subscription price, you will keep that rate as long as you maintain your subscription. Ophir said he intends on raising the price next year to possibly $499/month. Now is a great time to get your subscription started.


The CMLViz TradeMachine is a great investment research tool. You can quickly find candidates to manually backtest. Once you find your preferred strategies and symbols, you can set up alerts to be notified when your backtested trade setups have fired trading signals.