Many of our members like to speed up the playback of videos. YouTube has this feature built into their player. Wistia does not (yet). I've read that Wistia will be including speed control in their player in the future, but until that feature is ready, you can use a tool I built to speed up the playback of any Wistia video.

Find the Wistia code

Step 1: On the page with the wistia video, “view source” to look at the raw HTML of the page.

Step 2: Do a search (with CTRL-F or CMD-F on a Mac) and type in the keyword “wistia”

Step 3: Find “//” The Wistia video code is immediately after the trailing slash after iframe. For example:
// would have a wistia code of bz6jwm7zx3

Step 4: Copy this code into the clipboard (I use CTRL+C or CMD+C on a Mac)

Go to the Wistia Player Page

Step 4: Go to

Step 5: Paste the Wistia code into the “Wistia Video Code” field and click the blue “Refresh” button

Switch to HTML 5 mode

Step 6: Right click on the video and choose “Switch to HTML5”

You can now play the video and use the speed controls underneath to control the playback speed of the video!

Here's a video going through the steps above:

I hope you can watch videos in less time so you have more time to do other things! Let me know what you think of the tool below.