The Flex Trade

The Flex Trade

Dave Thomas's Flex Trade Alerts is based on Dave's 12+ years of options trading experience.

The goal of the Flex trade is to be nimble with your strategy and adjustments.

The Flex Trade:

  • Is in the trade three to ten days
  • Dave stays out of the market if the market dictates
  • Entry rules are partially based on technical analysis
  • Can earn very nice profit percentage
  • Daily risk assessment based on specific limits
  • Average weekly risk is $13,830
  • Average weekly profit (including losses) is $145 (+1.05%)
  • Realized gain over 18 trades from 20 April 2021 to 1 Sep 2021 (135 days) is +18.84%  This is approximately 51% annualized.
  • Maximum draw down was -5.01%

Dave presented the Flex Trade in the Round Table. Dave reviewed the history of the Flex Trade and how it has evolved into the current Flex Version 3.0 and alked through several trade examples.

The Flex Trade subscribers also have access to Dave's Dreamlifter Trade Alerts, which is longer term trade.

Dave Thomas reviews the flex trade with examples