Dreamlifter Trade Alerts

Dreamlifter Trade Alerts

Dave Thomas presents the Dreamlifter Trade.

The Dreamlifter is a broken-wing-butterfly similar to the M3, Road Trip Trade, Rhino trade and others. Dave spent five years as a mentor teaching the M3 and other John Locke strategies which developed a deep understanding of how the broken-wing-butterfly behaves and should be traded.

Dave wanted to improve the broken-wing-butterfly and spent many many months back testing ideas of how to make the trade safer and more consistent.

Dave developed several filters that he uses for entering, adjusting and exiting the trade.

Dave started live trades with the service in June and already has two winning trades. See the Dreamlifter trade performance here

This is what a typical Dreamlifter trade looks like:

The trade is initiated about two months before expiration and is held for about 30-days.

Dave and friends and family have been live trading the Dreamlifter for months. The live trading results are very close to the back testing results, which helps confirm that the strategy is sound.

Dave presented the Dreamlifter on the Round Table.

Dreamlifter Trade Alert subscribers also have access to Dave's Flex Trade Alerts, which is short term trade.

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