Charles Cottle and Ali Pashaei Group Mentoring

Charles Cottle and Ali Pashaei imageCharles Cottle(the Risk Doctor and co-founder of Thinkorswim)Ali Pashaei teach a group mentoring class each month!

The group mentoring is four times per month. Each session will alternate between Charles and Ali teaching the classes.

Students have private discussion forums to ask Charles and Ali questions, including opinions about your live trades.

Meetings are recorded and available to current and former subscribers.

Watch a video with Charles and Ali talking about trading and the mentoring:

Questions and Answers

I won't be able to attend live training. What are my options?

All sessions are recorded and we have discussion forums and a private Slack channel. You can watch the recordings and post questions and read the forums.

How long does each session last?

Approximately 60 to 90 minutes per session. Charles and Ali occasionally add bonus sessions. They also post additional material, paper trades as well as answer questions throughout the month in the private discussion forums.

Is the technical system and credit spread strategy taught in the first month the same one that was taught in the SPY Weekly Strategy?

No, there is almost no overlap between the two. The credit spread approach in this mentoring program will be more detailed and new technical setups, trading plan, techniques, and insights will be discussed.

Are the market timing techniques you teach be applicable to all stocks/ETFs or confined to some instruments?

They will be applicable to all markets but I have some specific tools and setups that work better in some specific markets. Ali will discuss those specific cases. Ali trades indexes, stocks, and ETFs; including non-equity ETFs using his systems

Are your systems 100% mechanical?

No, there are mechanical and discretionary elements involved. Ali trades in a discretionary manner, but within a mechanical framework.

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You can benefit from Charles Cottle and Ali Pashaei every month either separately or bundled together for a discount.

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Only want to get the recorded classes instead?

Charles and Ali make the previously recorded classes available to you at the same price as the live group mentoring. You can purchase individual months for Charles, Ali or both. For a complete description of each class, visit Charles and Ali's individual group mentoring pages.

You can purchase individual months of Charles or Ali's recorded training with the above links. If you want to save 20% and purchase both Charles and Ali's training, use these links. Each month is $200.