Blog Comments Policy

Blog Comments Policy

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Your Words, Our Blog. By posting a comment to our site, you give us the right to publish it, quote it, and show it on our site. They’re still your words. You own them, and we don’t.

Debate is fine. Rudeness isn’t. If you post a comment and it’s rude (to us or others), We reserve the right to remove your comment (or never publish it).

Disagreements. We are fine with you disagreeing with us. We don’t have to have the last word. Feel free to comment on our blog and disagree. If it’s rational, intelligent, and helpful to us and others, we’ll keep it. If it’s rude, mean, or completely emotional and lacking in substance, we reserve the right to kill it (or never publish it).

Promotion. There are times where it makes complete sense to post a link to an article of yours or a product you want us (or others) to notice. But if the context isn’t there, and (in our opinion) it’s a lame attempt to get our visitors to jump to your offering, we reserve the right to kill it (or never publish it).

We may not reply. Some days we get a lot of comments and form entries from our contact page, forums and webinars we host.  That means we’ll try to reply, but it won’t always happen. So even if we publish your comment, we may not reply.