I wanted to let you know how ExperSignal is progressing.

Dr. Daniel Lyons is a long-time friend and the creator of ExperCharts software, which I'll be using to generate signals for the ExperSignal trade alert service.

Daniel has PhDs in Cosmology and Applied Mathematics. His hand print algorithms he created many years ago have been applied to the financial markets. Daniel trades the FOREX market using 10-minute bars. He is giving me a longer time frame version that is more suitable for options trading.

Daniel limits the degrees of freedom to maintain reliability and consistency over time. ExperCharts has over 350,000 lines of C++ code already.

Here are a few ExperCharts screenshots

Simplified 5-Step entry decision process.

Full-size image

NCI (Neural Candle Indicator) and XOP (which is being replaced by NCI)

Full-size image

The two pressure bar indicators.

Full-size image

A simple guide for estimating an Entry Price.

Full-size image

As you can see from the charts above, the software is very unique. The Neural Candles remove noise, which makes trend detection simple.

There are hundreds of millions of calculations every second that Daniel distills into charts, indicators and his engines. The result is a simplified view of the market in question with sophisticated tools to aid in determining if the market is turning or not.

The Trade Alert Service

Like many new things, unforeseen delays have pushed the launch of ExperSignal back. Daniel keeps getting closer to sending a fully debugged version to me so I can start the ExperSignal trade alert service.


The initial testing I did was VERY encouraging.

With a four-month backtest using a simple futures-only trading strategy, the test generated over $11,000 of profit using about $12,000 of margin. The biggest drawdown was -$750 with one of the two losing trades.

Daniel is including a spreadsheet with the price data and indicator values over time so I can refine what trading strategies to offer in the trade alert service.

I anticipate have several flavors of trades available:

  • Futures-only
  • Shorter-term options strategies
  • Longer-term options strategies

I don't have a launch date yet, as I'm waiting for Daniel to finalize the current version. It is getting much closer each day.

NOTE: After this version is sent to me, Daniel and I are going to discuss adding ES futures to ExperCharts. The software can handle it but Daniel doesn't have data for it as he only trades FOREX. The intention is definitely to add ES to ExperCharts so I can do futures and futures options strategies on ES, which has much more liquidity than the FOREX currency futures and futures options.

If you aren't on the list already, join the waiting list.