Amy Meissner more than tripled a trading account in 15-months trading non-directional option strategies.

Amy is well known for teaching several trading systems including:

  • The Asymmetric Iron Condor (aka “the Weirdor”)
  • The Nested Iron Condor
  • The Timezone Trade
  • The 14-Day Asymmetric Iron Condor

Amy wanted to address challenges with the Boxcar and other short term trading strategies. She also wanted a weekly strategy that was suitable for small or large account with high returns.

Since September 2020, Amy started live testing new ideas that combined a variety of trading tactics. The results are fantastic.

Amy started with a $32,447.49 account in September 2020.

In the 15-month period that followed, she deposited another $29,661.02 for a total cash outlay of $62,108.51.

Amy's account today is $204,545.76!

The net profit was $142,437.30 including all fees! That is a 229.336% profit.

Remember that a 100% profit doubles an account.


Amy analyzed her live trades and created a set of rules in order to be capable of getting the same results of her live trading.

The A14 Weekly Option Strategy was the end result.

Amy introduced the A14 Trade on the Round Table on Wednesday December 1, 2021:

Amy is teaching a A14 Weekly Options Strategy Workshop starting on Monday December 6, 2021.

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The A14 Weekly Option Strategy

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