Amy Meissner is bringing her Timezone Trade to Aeromir starting next week!

The Timezone Trade is one of Amy's more popular trades. It is a short term trade with positive Vega and good performance.

Amy presented on the Round Table last week. Here's the recording:

Amy's Timezone Trade Alerts kickoff on the Thursday, May 27th at 4:00 pm Eastern.

The Trade Alert service runs through July 9th.

All meetings and trades will be recorded and available to download for several months after the Trade Alerts end.

The Time Zone trade is a short term, market neutral trading strategy. It has
– Positive Vega
– High win rate
– High potential returns
– Low draw downs
– Simple risk management

It is great for small accounts of $10,000 and it is scalable to larger sizes.

The trade is very short term ( average of 5-days in each trade). You can be out of the market 60% of the time or more. This reduces your market risk substantially.

Learn more about the Timezone Trade Alerts