Tom Nunamaker is presenting his Easy Peasy Iron Condors (EPIC) on the Round Table on Wednesday 24 Jan 2024. The EPIC is an iron condor options trade that expires the same day (0 DTE).

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Tom has been trading 0 DTE SPX iron condors during most of 2023. Tom started trading the John Einar Sandvand method, then migrated to the Tammy Chambless Multiple Entry Iron Condor (MEIC). Tom has improved the performance of both of these popular 0 DTE iron condor strategies but scaling out of each side with multiple stop orders.

Tom started trading his new variation on 6 November 2023. Here are his trading results as of 8 Jan 2024:

EPIC trade results from 6 Nov 23 to 8 Jan 24

EPIC trade results from 6 Nov 23 to 8 Jan 24

EPIC yields scatter diagram

Account size: $50,000
Return +21.16% in two months
Average of 2.902 Trades per day
Average yield on margin per trade was +1.030504%
Average losing trade -4.43% on margin
Average winning trade +2.41% on margin
Commissions were $4262.76 which were 28.71% of gross trade proceeds.

Tom is teaching a class showing exactly how he trades this trade starting next week.

Tom will include his Excel spreadsheet that connects to thinkorswim and his trade log spreadsheet to track his trading results. The trading spreadsheet let's Tom quickly find candidate iron condors and paste the order into the thinkorswim platform. After the condor is filled, Tom enters his fill prices and clicks a button to generate all of his stop orders to paste into thinkorswim. The whole process after getting filled on his condor takes 10-15 seconds to send all stop orders to three accounts!

Class starts on Tuesday 30 Jan after the cash market closes.

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