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On most days, options traders have questions

These questions may involve what trade to put on in the current market? Or how to defend a trade that may be getting into trouble? Or what type of options trading should I be doing?

The usual way is to ask Mr. Google for answers to your questions.

The answers are often unpredicatable, contradictory and worst of all, how do you know that the person telling you the information is being honest?

Let's face it. There are a lot of less than completely honest traders and educators.

You're never sure if what you're hearing can be trusted or not.

Suppose you act on some information you learned? What do you do if it goes wrong? Or worse. What if nothing goes wrong?

Is it a fluke?

Can I rely on it?

What risk am I taking that I'm not aware of?

What trusted source can you turn to for advice or an opinion?

It's a bit like standing outside in the rain.

It's cold and it's raining buckets. The wind is howling in your face. You look inside the home you're standing in front of and it's nice and warm inside with a party going on.

But you're outside and struggling on your own.

You struggle because there's no one to turn to. If you have problems with your trades, you have to work it out yourself. You get frustrated and frequently spend many hour going in circles.

With Aeromir's community you'll find the warmth of that home with the party.

At Aeromir, you'll be part of the party with other traders who mostly trading their own money. Most of our community is experienced and making money already. They are always trying to improve and adapt to the current markets just like you are.

You'll find resources and ideas that will help improve your trading results much faster than trying to figure it out on your own. Instead of standing out in the cold rain, you'll experience the feeling of sitting in a comfortable home at getting the friendship and help you seek in a safe place.

What is the Aeromir Community?

Aeromir is a community of traders who primarily trade options. It's a place you can learn, make friends and move forward with your trading. And a place that's safe and warm.

What makes Aeromir unique?

When you join most membership sites, the founder/owner almost never shows up.

The uniqueness of Aeromir is that Tom sticks around

Tom built the website and trades his own capital and client capital. Tom runs the most popular trading group and is active in the forums. Tom also runs two trade alert services with Dan Harvey, who is also very active on the website and forums.

Tom and Dan answer many questions and even do special training in the trading group to dive deeper into interesting topics. That's what makes Aeromir utterly unique.

In the Aeromir community, you'll find:

  1. Traders just like you who want to share with other like-minded people.
  2. Information that's specific and relevant to your current and future trading needs.
  3. Fun and a source of inspiration.
  4. Tools to help you trade

Reason 1: Traders just like you who want to share with other like-minded people.

There's a saying that says if you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

The Aeromir community is about going the distance. Running image

The markets are constantly changing and our community is always trying to improve how our trades react and perform to the markets. The community has to have an atmosphere of safety and caring with a solid and united group.

This isn't a group that sits around and paper trades all day. We put on live trades with all of the emotions trading with live money has. Sure we lose on some trades. That's part of the trading. We share our successes and our failures. Our trading groups are a great place for community members to share their trades in live webinars and get feedback from the group. The group critiques trades and makes suggestions on what could have been done differently to have a better result.

In addition to the real time webinars and trading groups, we also have forums that are persistent. Members ask questions at any time of the day or night and many times have answers soon afterward as we have community members all over the world.

The community has a low tolerance for inappropriate behavior. Spam, rude language or personal attacks are not tolerated. We treat each other like family.

The Aeromir members are genuinely helpful

They are the kind of people that go out of their way to make people comfortable. Even new traders. We were all there too. They work hard and get results. If you're sick and tired of places where the only agenda is more self-promotion, then you'll heave a sigh of relief once you get into the Aeromir community.

And that takes us to Reason number 2…

Reason 2: Information that's specific and relevant to your current and future trading needs.

Let's face it. We're drowining in information. And yet we need more information to keep up with the markets and new trading ideas. Now, any membership site will give you a ton of information. What's different about the Aeromir community is that the information is suited to you – and your trading style.

How do we make this specifically apply to you?

As you'd expect, there's a ton of information in the Aeromir community. We have a growing library of recorded webinars and meetings, forums and trading groups that dive deeply into different types of options trades and concepts.

When you ask a question, it gets an answer.

Unlike search engines that just pop back an answer, the answers you get at Aeromir are specific. You not only be given an opinion, but frequently you'll be directed to detailed information about your question. Many times you're told to go to other websites for information.

It doesn't matter where the answer is. If part of the answer is an article, video or tool at another web site, we'll paste the link in the reply for you.

Sometimes we haven't seen the answer to questions so we'll figure it out and prepare a reply.

We know the smarter our group gets, the faster we'll all move forward. So it's in our common interest to help each other. I've always found that the more you help others, the more you get back.

As Joseph Joubert said, “To teach is to learn twice.”

By sharing what you know with others, it strengthens your own understanding of the topic.

Which takes us to Reason number 3…

Reason 3: Fun and a source of inspiration.

We got into trading to have more freedom in our lives. Then trading starts driving us nuts. We need to have a fun place to unwind. We need a place where we can relax and talk about problems we have or even to share a joke or two. Or talk about that cool place we went to on vacation last year.

And yes, we need a little inspiration too.Inspiration image

In the Aeromir community, we focus on action. When we see how other traders are achieving their results, we are driven to do the same for our self. The internet is full of hype and false claims, especially with trading. How many times have you seen a trader go from a $10,000 to a $1 million account in a short period of time?

Does anyone believe it?

Hopefully not.

The Aeromir community shows you what's real and achievable and helps you get there. Sometimes it's not exactly what you want to hear. Our traders are trading their own live accounts and can tell you what works, what doesn't work and how things work in the real world.

And finally to Reason number 4…

Reason 4: Tools to help you trade

I've built quite a few tools to help options traders. Since I'm an options trader too, I secretly built the tools for my own use, but I make them available to our members to hopefully help image

Some of the more popular tools are

  • Trade Simulator. This is a critical tool to get familiar with. All traders need to understand how their average win, loss or win percentage effect their trading results.
  • Standard Deviation Calculator. Let's you calculate standard deviations of movement that are important for options traders.
  • Naked Options Margin Calculator. Let's you calculate how much margin a nake option position will have.
  • Option Price Calculators. Let's you input mid-prices of options and calculate the price of a two, three or four legged spread. Very useful with Interactive Brokers.
  • Option Position Greeks Calculator. Calculates the Theta/Delta and Vega/Theta ratios and price movement based on standard deviations
  • Option Trade and Contract Sizer. Helps you determine how many lots to open for complex spreads.
  • Option Position Sizer. Calculate how many positions to open based on your portfolio capital and fractional risk per trade.

Do you really need to join another member web site?

No. You don't.

The fact is that the internet is crammed full of more than enough information already. But it's un-verified and un-curated information. To find inforamtion that's useful and actionable to you requries a lot of work. Despite your extensive research, you may NOT find the answer to your specific question. In our community, you get answers to your specific questions.

When you join the Aeromir community, you are joining an exclusive club of real traders who are just like you. The opinions you get are sound and based on real traders with real experience trading real money. You still have to decide what to do with the information, but at least you know it's coming from real traders.

Does this membership cost $100 a month? Or $200? or more?

It's unreal but the Aeromir community is so inexpensive

It's so inexpensive that people think there must be a catch. How can you get so much for so little? Many membership of this quality are $200 or more per month. How is it possible to ask my specific questions, get opinions on my trades, learn what other traders are doing? There has to be a catch.

And yet there is no catch.

In fact, you can join for free if you really want to.

Free members are restricted in the library to only the latest two weeks of public recordings and can only watch the streaming versions of the videos, but you still get access to the whole community.

If you are still skeptical and want to talk to a current member, get in touch with me and I'll be happy to give you their contact details. We have members from many countries and with varied professions so it's more than likely that you'll find someone who you can connect with.

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