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Dear Friend,

I am a professional money manager and an expert at Aeromir.com.

In a few minutes, I am going to introduce you to the Sleep Well Portfolio. I promise your life will not be the same afterward.

The Sleep Well Portfolio is a new proprietary portfolio. I designed it to give you steady market gains with smaller drawdowns. You don't have to worry about big market moves down anymore!

Why doesn't everyone know how to do this?

We learn the wrong way to make money

I always loved money and finance. When I was ten years old, I received my first stock certificate from my cousin.

As I grew and struggled to find the best ways to increase my money, I discovered many ways not to do it.

Growing up in a middle-class home, I learned to trade my time for money.

Get a job!

I wanted to know how the wealthy make money.

The wealthy have as much time as us, yet they earn more.

A LOT more.

I worked my way up from dishwasher to auto technician to money manager. I discovered the unquestionable truth.

Do not trade your time for money.

Spend the least amount of time to accumulate the most assets and grow your assets with time.

This is the simplest answer to the most complicated question in personal finance.

It's not easy to apply in real life.

Once I understood the right path, I had to find out how to do it.

How to grow our assets properly

I did extensive research into what the largest hedge funds in the world do.

Ray Dalio founded Bridgewater Associates, which is the largest hedge fund in the world. They manage $160 billion of assets.

Ray Dalio's "Holy Grail" is straightforward. It's his way of spending the least amount of time to accumulate the most amount of assets.

Create a basket of assets that aren't related to each other

These assets should work in concert with the four cycles of macroeconomics.

When one asset is losing money, others need to be making money.

This is the foundation of Modern Portfolio Theory and Risk Parity.

Modern Portfolio Theory focuses on risk and not returns. Many well-known universities teach it now.

Dr. Harry Markowitz received the 1990 Nobel Prize for his work on Modern Portfolio Theory. That's how significant it is!

I knew I wanted to use Modern Portfolio Theory. I needed more details on how to make it work.

I Spent Thousands of hours doing more research

I needed to know what assets to use and how to divide them up.

I ended up with unique allocation profiles.

My approach creates a symphony of assets that move in concert to create the steady returns shown.

What did I do to create steady returns?

The Sleep Well Portfolio adapts to current market macroeconomics pressures.

The most successful money managers in the world use the same pressures.

Growth and Inflation

Growth and inflation give us the four primary cycles of economies and debt.

Using growth and inflation reduces the risk of having a losing year. The rare losing years have minimal drawdowns.

Many portfolios available to the public curve fit growth and inflation data.

My models rely on strong fundamental relationships that are never curve fit. Returns are shown only using data known at the time.

This is the true power of The Sleep Well Portfolio.

Any decent financial guru can tweak historical data. "If we have 10% Stocks, 40% bonds, and 40% Whatever we can expect to make Blah percent going forward."

This is the furthest thing from the truth.

This is what data scientists call curve fitting.

The Sleep Well Portfolio returns ignore the future. Historical returns are consistent with live returns for this very reason.

The result is a very smooth equity growth curve.

Equity growth curve

The Sleep Well Portfolio uses robust models to keep the asset allocations optimized. The allocation mix is VERY risk-averse.

The steady equity growth curve comes from these solid models.

I worked with wealthy clients using the Sleep Well Portfolio and did well with them.

In my heart, I wanted to provide opportunities for everyone. Like the guys I used to work with at the auto repair shop.

That's why I'm writing to you today.

I spent countless hours in trading seminars, webinars, and DIY investor groups.

I saw too many people trapped at the computer wasting their time. They hoped to leave their job or to change their finances "one day."

This pained me.

I fell into this exact trap myself!

I wanted to give everyone a simple way to invest.

And for those who want more risk, a leveraged version to get bigger returns.

My vision for you is to spend more time doing what you love to do. And less time worrying about investing and market downturns.

The Sleep Well Portfolio has freed many from the chains of constant market turmoil.

But I didn't want to make it too complicated either.

Keeping it simple

Albert Einstein once said, "Everything should be made as simple as possible."

The Sleep Well Portfolio only uses the most liquid ETFs. This exposes us to thousands of companies and assets. Yet, we only have to deal with a handful of assets.

We keep it simple for you.

We use technology today to create what only elite hedge funds could do in the past.

We are more nimble than the large hedge funds because we are much smaller.

Big funds must plan and execute their asset changes months in advance.

Can you imagine what would happen if a big firm wanted to sell billions of dollars of stock in a day?


Because we are smaller, we can adjust our allocations of assets EVERY WEEK.

That is our advantage!

We avoid large economic disasters. We are quick to adjust to keep up with the markets.

It only takes 5-minutes per week to make the portfolio adjustments!

We don't have to wait for weeks or months and watch the market crash along with our investments. We can move out of risky assets much faster than large firms can.

The benefit of adjusting our assets every week is we sleep REALLY well at night.

Even when the general markets are in a freefall.

How many of us have suffered through market meltdowns like 1987, 2008, or 2020? In the Spring of 2020, the market was down -35% in a few weeks. Our portfolio was down -8% and recovered within weeks, not months.

Yet, our portfolio returns are as good or better than the stock market over the last 13-years. And that's using 1x leverage.

Some of our subscribers use up to three times leverage.

Increasing leverage will be more volatile and have larger gains and drawdowns.

We can never guarantee any returns.

We will have losing years once in a while.

That's how the markets are.

If we have a losing year, that means the market is likely getting slaughtered.

Our losing years so far have been very mild. The absolute worst return that we've had is -11% in 12 months. The best is over +20% without any leverage!

I have been trading the Sleep Well Portfolio in my accounts for many years. The data going back to 2007 is how the portfolio would have performed if I used it back to the great recession.

Compare the Sleep Well Portfolio to the S&P 500 since 2007:

Sleep Well Portfolio Equity Chart Image

Compare the Sleep Well Portfolio to a 60% stock and 40% bond portfolio since 2007:

Sleep Well Portfolio Versus 60/40 Portfolio Equity Chart Image

Compare the Sleep Well 2x Leveraged Portfolio to a 60% stock and 40% bond portfolio since 2007:

Sleep Well 2x Leverage Portfolio Versus 60/40 Portfolio Equity Chart Image

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

You don't need to be a professional investor or trader to get these results!

How has it done since September 2020?

Better than expected!

My models correctly evaluated that the risk in equities was low. We were properly positioned to take advantage of a nice run up in the market.

Here's the performance of the unleveraged Sleep Well Portfolio service that our subscribers have been following since Semptember 2020.

Sleep Well Portfolio Live Trading Equity Growth
Sleep Well Portfolio Live Trading Performance

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Some subscribers are using 2x or 3x leverage and have much higher returns.

That was a great return in under four months!

It is easy for the subscribers to follow in their own accounts. Here's how...

How To Use The Sleep Well Portfolio Service

All you need to manage your portfolio is a brokerage account and 5-minutes per week (no extra analytical software to pay for).

It's easy to learn, and most new subscribers get the portfolio up and running within an hour.

On Monday evening, I post what the new allocations will be for Tuesday mornings' adjustments!

Some subscribers even put orders with their brokers the night before, to be done when the market opens, and never look until the next week to make things even easier.

We use market orders for the model account, which are very fast and easy to get filled, due to the portfolio's highly liquid ETFs. These ETFs are available at most brokers.

We simplified everything for you so you can sleep well while your investments do what they are supposed to do. (Work for you instead of the other way around)

How Can I be sure the Sleep Well Portfolio is right for me?

How can you be 100% certain that the Sleep Well Portfolio is right for you?

Unfortunately, there's no way to tell with 100% certainty...until you try it for yourself!

But if you are looking for a "complicated" strategy that writes options, sells naked puts etc, then the Sleep Well Portfolio is probably not for you.

At the same time, if you're looking for a "buy-and-hold" strategy based on dividend stocks, mutual funds, etc then the Sleep Well Portfolio is probably best handled for you. Our exclusive partner LEF Capital Advisors, LLC can do this for you. Contact Leslie Fourton at leslie@lefcapital.com or (917) 922-2891 for more information.

The Sleep Well Portfolio is simple and elegant by design. Yet behind the scenes, it is quite sophisticated.

You don't have to risk any money to try it.

You can start trying out the Sleep Well Portfolio without risking any money. You can paper trade the allocations for as long as you like.

Paper trading accomplishes two things: First, you don't risk a single penny. Second, you can prove to yourself that this works. Of course, you can use real dollars and make real money. The choice is entirely up to you.

Once you use the Sleep Well Portfolio you might never invest in any other way.

Helping Others

We feel gratitude and project positivity in the world when we give to others.

When I was younger, I didn’t know if I was going to live another year. It came down to the purpose of life. The impact and value we add are the only things that are left when we pass on.

We can have a HUGE impact on the lives of the most impoverished. We gain value from proper investing techniques. We are enabled to share with the less fortunate so that we lift humanity as a whole.

I do this by donating 10% of the net proceeds from the Sleep Well Portfolio service to various charities.

Now it's decision time

You're at a crossroads right now.

You only have three options:

Option #1: You can leave this page and ignore what I've shown to you today. You'll always wonder if it was possible to grow your wealth without worrying about it.

You can do this if you want. It's entirely within your rights.

But if you've stayed with me this far, you've seen how simple this can be.

Which brings us to...

Option #2: You can take one small action that will have an incredible impact on the rest of your life.

Just subscribe now right now.

You get a special charter subscriber rate today.

The regular price is going to be at least $150 per month. But not for you.

Because we are still in the initial phase of the service, we need your feedback. To make it fair to ask for your help, we are offering you a speical charter member rate.

Fill out our secure order form, and you can dive into the Sleep Well Portfolio right away.

Again, all you have to do is click the button.

Option #3: You can have it done for you!

You love the Sleep Well Portfolio but don't have the time or experience to trade it yourself. Or maybe a friend or relative referred you to the Sleep Well Portfolio to have it traded for you.

LEF Capital Advisors, LLC is our exclusive partner who can manage and trade your account for you.

Contact Leslie Fourton at leslie@lefcapital.com or (917) 922-2891 to get started.

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See you on the other side,

Wayne Klump signature image

Wayne Klump

Are you still here?

Thanks for sticking with me. I understand if you still have a few questions. Here are some I've gotten from people just like you...

How is the Sleep Well Portfolio safer than just investing in stocks?

Because most investors just buy-and=hold. If you buy-and-hold, you are completely at the mercy of the markets.

Whereas the Sleep Well Portfolio constantly steers away from risk. If stocks are becoming more risky, the Sleep Well Portfolio moves out of stocks and into other assets like Gold or Bonds.

If this is so great, why doesn't everyone do it?

We think everyone should!

The ETFs are liquid enough to handle a LOT of capital. It would take billions of dollars of Sleep Well Portfolios to stop working as well.

This sounds like a 'get-rich scheme' to me ‐ are you guys for real?

This is NOT a "get-rich-quick" gimmick. The Sleep Well Portfolio builds your wealth slow and steady.

We share actionable information you can use to thrive in all markets. Up, Down or sideways.

If we published dishonest or foolish recommendations we would be out of business.

Does the Sleep Well Portfolio use options or futures?

No. We only use very liquid ETFs.

No options, futures, currencies, CFDs, bonds or anything else. Just ETFs which trade like stocks.

We never go short either. This makes is suitable for any retirement account.

Can the Sleep Well Portfolio make me rich?

Yes, it is definitely possible the Sleep Well Portfolio can make you rich...

But how do you define rich?

If "rich" to you means making more money so you can spend time doing what you want to do like:

Then the Sleep Well Portfolio can make you "rich" over time.

Does this involve using a lot of technical mumbo jumbo and complicated charts?

No. There is no technical analysis that you'll have to do. All you need to know is the new allocations each week.

We do all the hard work for you.

Each Monday we publish the new allocations for you to apply on Tuesday. We will tell you exactly what to do. You just have to decide whether you want to follow what we recommend!

I've heard trading systems never work, because it's impossible to beat the market ‐ what makes this different?

We don't agree it is "impossible" to beat the market.

And if you've stuck with me to this point, I'm pretty sure you don't believe this either...

First, we all know it's possible to beat the market. You and I could name several famous traders who beat the market all the time.

Second, our extensive back testing and live trading shows that steady growth with limited drawdowns is possible. We've done it ourselves.

It is entirely up to you if you believe our research and trading results or not.

Can anyone really do this? Even me?

YES, anyone can do this. Especially you.

Why? Because I designed this service specifically for YOU. For regular investors with an average understanding of the markets who wants to better their financial circumstances...and now can thanks to the Sleep Well Portfolio.

Don't wait until it's too late. Hit the "SubscribeNow" button and take advantage of this limited-time charter offer while you still can.

What promise do I have that I'll make money?

If you choose NOT to invest in the Sleep Well Portfolio, then I can guarantee with certainty that you will not make any money using the Sleep Well Portfolio. This service will be nothing more than education.(Not that there's anything wrong with paper trading to learn)

The simple fact is that you can't make anything unless you're willing to invest with actual dollars.

No one can guarantee profits investing the markets.

I'm not a big risk taker. Is this the right service for someone like me?

I specifically designed this service for people who want decent returns without a lot of risk. It is a RISK-AVERSE strategy.

The Sleep Well Portfolio should be thought of as a way to invest like a high net worth individual. Using Modern Portfolio Theory to their advantage.

You don't have to short any stocks either. The Sleep Well Portfolio is long-only and designed for tax-free retiremenet accounts.

Do I need a lot of money to get started?

We have tested using a $1,500 account using leverage. If you chose to not use leverage, an account with at least $25,000 to start with is more efficient.

You can have a much larger account too.

The ETFs we use are all extremely liquid and easy to get orders filled. For example, one of the ETFs we use has a daily volume of 65 million shares per day.

I've never opened a broker account. Is it hard to do?

It's very easy to do. Almost like opening a bank account.

After you open the account and transfer funds to it, you can trade in it. If you have never done any trading, it's pretty easy to do.

We only use "market orders," which are filled immediately at the best available price.

We show you how to put the trades on in your account. You'll be relieved how easy it is.

Is this for me?

There are several types of people who can use the Sleep Well Portfolio:

  1. Traders putting their excess cash to work or as another indicator
  2. The intelligent investor that uses the Sleep Well portfolio as an uncorrelated unique equity stream to compliment other investments.
  3. Active investors who enjoy managing their own accounts but don't want to spend all day watching the markets.
  4. Passive investors who want a done-for-you way to manage their accounts.

Some traders use the Sleep Well Portfolio to help manage their options trades. When the Sleep Well Portfolio increases or decreases equity exposure, they use that information to adjust their options positions.

Active investors only need to spend 5-minutes per week putting the trades in their broker account. I do the complicated math and statistics for you so it's as simple as possible for you.

If you want to have a portfolio managed for you, we have partnered with LEF Capital Advisors, LLC.( https://lefcapital.com/). They have reasonable fees to do this and it's completely hands off for you. LEF Capital Advisors, LLC. is the only authorized financial advisor able to use the Sleep Well Portfolio. Contact Leslie Fourton at leslie@lefcapital.com or (917) 922-2891 for more information.

Will the Sleep Well Portfolio get so big that it will stop working?

I chose very liquid ETFs on purpose.

Shifting allocations every week has an insignificant impact on the market.

Since we are only long, we have a net buying effect that helps the markets rise over time.

How does it work each week?

Every Monday I do the analysis and determine the new allocation percentages. I publish the new allocations on the Aeromir member's web site. You have the portfolio construction numbers Monday night.

Tuesday morning I adjust the portfolio shares depending on the current market price. I send an email, SMS and Slack notification to you.

The best time to adjust if you are choosing to mirror The Sleep Well Portfolio is Tuesday morning. I tested adjusting the portfolio later in the day and that works fine also. You'll get some better and some worse fills than we do. It should average out in the long run.

Total time to make share adjustments are 5-minutes or less.

The allocations shift over time. This avoids the problem of buying at the high and selling at the low. We are buying and selling shares every week, think of this as a long term campaign rather than single trades.

Can I use the Sleep Well Portfolio in my retirement account?

I only buy ETF shares and never sell short. The Sleep Well Portfolio is perfect for any retirement account at most brokers.

I designed the Sleep Well Portfolio for non-taxable accounts such as an IRA or 401K. Some subscribers use it old, forgotten retirement accounts after leaving a previous employer.

Is there a discussion forum for the Sleep Well Portfolio service?


Subscribers have access to the discussion forums at Aeromir.com. We have a private area to discuss all topics related to the Sleep Well Portfolio.

Some recent topics were leveraged portfolios, risk management, current events, and macro ideas. You can also find other commonly asked questions there as well as well as ask your own questions.

Is your ordering process safe and secure?

It is fast, safe and 100% secure. We use the latest complex encryption technology to protect your data though the entire ordering process.

Once you subscribe, we will create your accounts at Aeromir's member's web site and the discussion forums. We manually create the forums login to control spammers.

You normally have access to the Sleep Well Portfolio pages a few hours later.

If I have questions or am unsure about anything about my membership, can I speak to someone?

Absolutely. You can call us at +1 409-209-0998, email at support@aeromir.com, or use our live chat with any questions you might have about how your membership works.

You'll also get a special email address directly to Wayne to ask your specific questions about the Sleep Well Portfolio.

We don't outsource our calls overseas. We want charter members of The Sleep Well Portfolio to experience the world-class service they deserve. Don't wait until it's too late. Hit the "Subscribe Now" button and get started today...

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. You can cancel any time, for any reason, immediately, and without hassle. We'll still be friends and you can rejoin the Sleep Well Portfolio in the future.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Maybe. If you never logged into our member's web site, then we could refund your purchase.

After you've logged in, you have access to the Sleep Well Portfolio. It wouldn't be fair to refund your purchase after you've seen the current allocations.

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