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Learn Options Trading with Professional Options Trader Amy Meissner (aka "Queen of the Iron Condor") by following her Trades in Real Time.

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The Weirdor

(aka The Asymmetrical Iron Condor) Her powerful market neutral favorite. Resiliant in up, down or sideways markets

The 14-Day

Based on the Weirdor with a different adjustment style and shorter time frame to have the possibility of greater returns.

The Nested Iron Condor

One or her favorite and consistent Iron Condor Strategies with a simple adjustment system.


Amy Meissner shares details of her distinctive options trading methodologies to help experienced options traders learn how to minimize their downside risk and realize reliable monthly income. Her Option Trade Alert Service enables subscribers to follow the trades she makes and learn her methodologies & trading philosophy with email and SMS alerts, and weekly video updates.

Amy began exploring options trading while still working in the software and multimedia industries in the mid-1990’s, trading credit spreads in the SPX. It was hit or miss back then, but wanting to learn more and get serious about making a living trading options, Amy felt encouraged to come back and give the options initiative another look in 2005. After garnering a steady earnings stream and making continuous efforts to improve the quality of her trading strategies, she made options trading her full time occupation in 2006. Along the way she found some good mentors who gave her the confidence to refine proven methodologies such as the Iron Condor and the Weirdor, and make them uniquely her own.

Amy’s specialty is options trading for monthly income using high probability option strategies. Her bread-and-butter trades are the Nested Iron Condor and the Weirdor. She is an active member of Capital Discussions, and is a sought-after webinar leader. Within the professional options trading community, Amy is known as a stable, disciplined trader who calmly manages her risk throughout the life of the trade even in volatile market conditions. She will tweak her approach slightly from time to time, making small adjustments here and there as the market moves and changes. But consistency is her distinguishing virtue. Amy’s steady confidence and sound methodology have rewarded her with steady returns, year after year.

About Amy's Option Alert Service

Amy Meissner shares details of her distinctive options trading methodologies to help experienced options traders learn how to minimize their downside risk and become consistent traders. Her Option Alerts enables subscribers to follow the trades she makes and learn her strategies & trading philosophy via her private Slack group messages, email, and regular video updates.

What’s Included in a Subscription

  • Alerts for all three of her favorite strategies:
    • The Weirdor (aka the Asymmetirical Iron Condor)
    • The 14-Day (New!)
    • The Nested Iron Condor
  • Overview videos of each trading strategy's: Basic setup, adjustments, and exit strategy
  • Real Time alerts for opening, adjusting, and exiting trades via private email and sms text messages
  • One trade for each monthly expiration cycle for the Weirdor
  • 2-4 trades per month for the 14-Day
  • One trade for each monthly expiration cycle for the Nested Iron Condor
  • Weekly video recaps for all open trades

The Weirdor (aka the Asymmetrical Iron Condor)

The Weirdor strategy is a high probability options trade that can be done on liquid index and stock options. The trade came about as a variant of the Iron Condor. Recognizing that the market generally will go up 75% of the time, adjustments on the call side are thus more common and costly. The Weirdor compensates for this by using fewer call credit spreads than the Condor, and not defending them much with market moves to the upside. The Weirdor tends to be a smooth trade, using adjustments to keep the delta fairly flat and keeping losses small as time value or theta is captured.

  • Relatively smooth trade with easy adjustments
  • High probability of wins (80% or higher)
  • Lower sensitivity to volatility than a conventional condor
  • Minimal upside risk
  • Downside risk is generally easy to manage using additional debit spreads

The 14-Day

  • The 14-Day is a Market Neutral Trading Strategy that is a simplified version of the Weirdor but with shorter time frames and different management style.
  • High probability of wins
  • Simple risk management adjustments
  • Allows for more trade opportunities per month which gives the potential for greater returns
  • Greater profit potential is achievable without the need for additional capital
  • Shorter time period = diversify risk over time

The Nested Iron Condor

  • An improvement on the classic iron condor. The Nested Iron Condor gives you a trade that is less sensitive to spikes in implied volatility and sets you up with a more strategic risk control plan than classic high probability trades. Enjoy the many benefits of iron condor trading that are enhanced by this sophisticated strategy.
  • Systematic. This objective rules-based strategy helps traders confidently execute their market neutral trade plans and spend less time comparing possible discretionary trades. This helps part-time traders that have other things to focus on as well as full-time traders that are focused on other types of trades.
  • Efficient. Amy has designed the NIC to be capital and commission efficient to help you achieve the highest potential return that the edge in this setup can provide.
  • Proactively Managed. The NIC includes a proactive and incremental trade management plan that helps you adapt to changing market conditions and avoid over-adjusting during choppy markets. This helps traders avoid complacency following the regular action steps as prescribed.

Why Learn through Amy's Option Alerts?

With a close-up view of a professional options trader at work in the trenches, you’ll essentially be learning at her elbow as she demonstrates the proven methodologies and refinements she’s developed for consistently profitable returns. Subscribers get multiple benefits from this trading signal service, including:

  • Eliminate the guesswork and indecision; develop confidence about making your own trades
  • Learn the triggers for when you need to make trades and adjustments
  • Learn how each of her trades work in different market environments, over several monthly cycles
  • Gain an education on the workings of Amy’s options strategies

What's my investment?

Get all three services for $74.50 for the first month, then $149 per month.

Buy any one trade alert service for $119 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are trade alerts sent?

Trade alerts will be sent in both email and as sms text messages. SMS messages can be sent world wide.

Can I receive SMS text messages to my international cell number?


Are the trades recorded?

Yes. All trades are fully documented and available to you as long as you are a subscriber. This includes trade messages and emails we send out, weekly video recaps, and a tally of results as trades are closed.

Do you provide trade details so we can follow along in our own option analysis software?

Yes. There will be a section on the website to view all open positions as well as copies of all the trade messages and emails that were sent with details of the trades.

Are the Weirdor and the Asymmetrical Iron Condor the same?

Yes. The Weirdor and the Asymmetrical Iron Condor are the same trading strategy taught by Amy and are her specific methodology and insights about the best ways to manage this particular trading style.

How are your returns calculated?

The yields are based on the maximum margin used during the life of each trade.

What is the capital required for each strategy?

Listed are the planned capital amounts needed for the size traded in the alert service:

  • For the Weirdor the planned capital is $20,000
  • For the Nested Iron condor the planned capital is $50,000
  • For the 14-Day the minimum planned capital is $20,000. If entering a trade each week with the possibility of overlapping two trades the planned capital would be $40,000.

Can I get filled at the trade alert prices?

Some traders will get the same fills or even better. Others may not.

Here is my sequence; For entering new trades or exiting trades I will try for the mid price first and then give a nickel or a dime to the market makers if the mid price doesn't fill. On new trades if I can't get filled at reasonable prices it may be better to wait or pick new strikes. For adjustments it's important to get filled!, so I will pay more if I need to.

Can these strategies be used on other underlying instruments besides RUT?

Yes. You could trade on other indexes, stocks, or futures as long as it has a liquid option market. The strike widths and adjustment triggers may need to be adjusted however.

For educational purposes only.

The trades in this Trade Alert Service will be made in real time in a ThinkOrSwim Real-Time paperMoney account with Reg-T margin.

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