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Teaches traders about the

Asymmetric Iron Condor

(aka The Weirdor)

The AIC/Weirdor trade is a powerful market neutral strategy that’s easy to manage, has a high win rate, and is very resilient during any market condition (up, down, sideways, or crash).

About Amy Meissner

What is the AIC/Weirdor strategy

The AIC/Weirdor strategy is one of Amy’s most powerful market neutral favorites.

It is a high probability options trade that can be done on liquid index and stock options and is resilient in up, down, or sideways markets.

The AIC/Weirdor tends to be a smooth trade, using adjustments to keep the Delta fairly flat and keeping any losses small as time value or theta is captured. Most trades are complete within 30 days.

Why the AIC/Weirdor is a preferred trading Strategy

What you’ll get

Recent AIC/Weirdor results 2020

Month P/L% on Margin
Jan 3.58%
Feb 6.52%
Mar 9.39%
Apr 1.83%
May 2.72%
Jun 1.23%
Jul 4.00%
Aug 4.04%
Sep 4.25%
Oct 3.18%
Nov 0.60%
Dec 0.18%
Total 41.52%
Average 3.46%
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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

This service will be available for a limited 3-month period. In the past pricing for this service was $129/mo. For this limited period the price will be one payment for all three months of $297. That's an $90 savings (23% off) from the original price!

Why Learn the AIC/Weirdor Strategy?

With a close-up view of a professional options trader at work in the trenches, you’ll essentially be learning at her elbow as she demonstrates the proven methodologies and refinements she’s developed for consistent returns.

Subscribers get multiple benefits from this trading signal service, including

What Students are saying about Amy's Services

Excellent!!! You are doing a great job with the service. I appreciate your attention to detail. The service is a superb value. -Bill B

This is an income strategy known to be very resilient and does not have large drawdowns if managed properly. You have been very responsive of the questions and comments. It is an excellent way to earn while learning because you provide the detailed trade plan in advance and also provide the weekly updates explaining the reasoning behind each trade and adjustments. Vijay P

Amy, I am a believer in your strategy! I went back to 10/10/2008 and using your criteria (my test of all strategies) it actually made money! It is backtested on OptionNet Explorer. This is the only one I ever backtested that came out profitable…and was a low maintenance trade! I really appreciate your excellent communication regarding the Weirdor trade (notes, texts, email and the video summary). Happy to be a part of your trading community. - Rick V

A very good platform you have here for communicating trade set-up and trade management. Well done! - Keith W

Congratulations! I admire how you created a strategy, honed it and executed it with much confidence and discipline. You also communicate very clearly and are humble about your accomplishments. - Brooks R

I love that Amy is showing that a "condor trade for wimps" actually works - her adjustment points are so close and the deltas she's carrying are so small, my first reaction to a system like this would be that it couldn't be consistently profitable at a level that would impress anyone ... but I believe she has shown it can be done - Steve S

For educational purposes only. The trades in this Trade Alert Service will be made in real time using live data in a paper trading account with Reg-T margin. Amy Meissner is not a broker dealer or investment advisor.

Amy's trades are not trade recommendations.

Amy Meissner does not know you or what level of risk is appropriate for you. You have to make your own trading decisions and are fully responsible for your own trading decisions. Please read full disclosure at the bottom of this page.

AIC/Weirdor is Currently Closed

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Past performance does not guarantee future results.